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Welcome to the Store to Restore Hetch Hetchy

Shop the Store to Restore Hetch Hetchy by New Headings LLC where 20% of all that you spend goes directly to Restore Hetch Hetchy in support of their restoration efforts.

A fun, "easy-to-use" shop, all of the items in the store are proudly embellished with the Restore Hetch Hetchy logo, are of excellent quality (Patagonia is one of our favorite suppliers), and are useful to outdoor adventurer's throughout the Sierra Nevada.

To begin shopping (and in doing so, offering your continued support to the restoration of Hetch Hetchy) please click on any of the categories that you see to the left. Should you need personal assistance, feel free to call our online store partner,New Headings, toll free in North America at 1-888-924-2050 (+1-203-924-2050 outside North America), and ask for Peggy, Marcy, or Mark.